Lavida Samuel is the creator of, and entrepreneur behind, Elle Vie Body Products. An electrical  engineer by training, Lavida balances an engineering brain with a love for skincare. She has always believed that taking care of one’s skin is an act of self-love. As a result, she has chosen skincare products with quality and beneficial ingredients and has supported her preferred brands as a loyal customer. When the company that made her favorite body moisturizer discontinued its production, Lavida searched in vain for a substitute. Finding nothing that satisfied her, she decided to use her engineering brain to come up with her own solution.

After some trial and error, Lavida arrived at the right combination of ingredients to create her first skin care product. Her handmade shea butter is light, natural, and has a “grown woman scent.” Lavida shared her first batch with a few friends. They liked it so much that they shared it with their friends.  It wasn’t long before requests began pouring in from all kinds of places.  Based on the substantial response received, Lavida quickly realized that her homemade scented shea butter was something special. She took the leap, and in 2014, Elle Vie was born.

Elle Vie manufactures and sells butters, scrubs, and body oils made strictly with quality ingredients. Lavida’s mission is for even the most fragile of skin types to benefit from the Elle Vie line with soothing results.

Lavida is a serial entrepreneur who has successfully led several businesses. She is dedicated to women’s wellbeing both by providing quality skincare products and by providing sound advice to other women in their business ventures.  You can find out more about Lavida and Elle Vie at the company’s website,

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